About CaramelCook.com

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Hey. My name is Brian Sharp, and I'm a computer programmer by trade. I've always cooked, though never professionally, and spend a lot of time working on recipes, understanding the science behind them, and ultimately striving to form an intuition for the ingredients and processes that go into food so that more and more I can improvise, combine new things in different ways. Following recipes is all well and good, and quite necessary at first, but my goal is always to move to where I use recipes just as ideas and suggestions, and have the facility to then assemble something great. And then something similar, but different, but still great. And so on.

I live in Austin, TX, which has less of a food culture than San Francisco, where I lived back in 2005 and 2006. Little by little, though, it's coming up. New boutique groceries open that give access to more and more esoteric ingredients. Asian and Indian markets offer good staples for their cuisines if you know where to look. Restaurants are increasingly serving thoughtful, nourishing food (don't get me wrong: I love Tex-Mex. But many places in Austin focus on quantity and not necessarily quality.) I'll try to occasionally mention Austin highlights here, give some press to good new institutions that help Austin flourish as a city for people who love good food.

Most of all, though, I'll talk about various food I cook, illustrate the process with photos, try to share the insights I've had into its preparation and subtleties that get the best results, talk about tools I find particularly useful, ingredients I've had good luck with, and generally post about my experiences in my kitchen. With any luck, I can get some good feedback from the 'net cooking community. I can certainly use it!